Of Nostalgia and Friendship

I have been very lucky to have received the gift of friendship from the unlikeliest of the places. Through the phases of hearty laughs, mischievous giggles, silent sobbing and eclectic wisdom, each of my friend has been like a distinct piece in the jigsaw puzzle of my existence.


My grandmother was my greatest friend. She epitomized the meaning of unconditional love for me. She was somebody who would love you without judging you. She had the most beautiful and radiant smile, melting away all my insecurities and fear. So now, long after she is gone, whenever I feel a trace of love around me, I look at her smiling photograph in my phone and through that love that defies the boundary of death, I relive my friendship with her.


Food has magical power. The taste, aroma and texture can transport one to special moments, almost like a time machine. Whenever I see steaming chicken biriyani or tikkas before me, I am reminded of some of my gluttonous friends who would kill for a sumptuous meal. Through the nostalgia of the crazy fights over a single bite, I relive my friendship with my friends.


Random songs playing on the loudspeaker or radio stir the strings of my heart sometimes. They remind me of the wonderful moments when my dear friends have made desperate attempts to teach me dance steps or the countless times when we have hummed the tunes randomly with the giggles outshining the lyrics. Through those silly random songs, I relive my friendship with my friends.


I am also reminded of my friends who are hardcore misers. I smile sheepishly as I recollect their clumsy expressions while paying for their treats. They also love giving missed calls, although they are the ones who do most of the talking and make one laugh madly. While pestering them for a treat over the phone, irrespective of the fact that we might meet after years together, I relive my friendship with my good at heart miser friends.


When I see random strangers having the peculiar open mouthed reading style, vibrational laughter style or the typical playing with hair style, I relive my friendship with my friends do the same things, all the time.

Old jokes with old friends grow funnier with each passing day. By laughing my heart out at the same old ridiculous jokes, I relive my friendship with friends.


Through time, my friends and I have been trusted confidants, sharing a sea of emotions ranging from love, sorrow, dejection, infatuation, fear, guilt, insecurity and ambition. Through those mighty secrets sealed deep within my heart, I relive my friendship with my friends.


I am very bad at staying in touch while some of my friends are even more terrible than me. But in those happy conversations that we have, where we start from right where we had left, months or years ago, with a twinkle in my eyes and a broad smile, I relive my friendship with my friends.


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