Of love that lasted a lifetime and beyond

My grandparents have had a lasting impression in my life. My entire childhood was spent in their loving hugs,their compelling stories during the afternoon siestas and their reassuring smiles while they silently inculcated a firm belief in me that only good can exist in the world.They were both pristine souls showering their unconditional love on everyone : right from their grandchildren to the maids working in their children’s homes.


A prose by Khushwant Singh in my std 11 English text book is still fresh in my mind. It describes a moment when he realizes that his grandmother has left for her heavenly abode.


Losing someone you love dearly forever is one of the most inexplicable feeling anyone can ever experience. Reading the prose way back in std 11 had me in tears during the class, experiencing it in actual was a different story altogether.


Thani-Dadu’s love for each other is the kind of love we know through classic books or movies. It is eternal,it never says, “Till death do us apart,” as even death can’t be a hindrance to what they felt for each other.

I have been a close witness to their unconditional love, playful teasing, long letters, timeless songs, stories of their romantic getaways, their secret ritual of holding hands, shy smiles and a blissful sense of fulfillment to have each other around. Dadu in his own words had admitted to the fact that he was lucky to have married the most beautiful lady, my Thani.


To my dear readers, let me assure you that this kind of love exists in real life.


Thani’s sudden demise & Dadu’s Parkinson’s played a hide and seek in Dadu’s mind.I will always be grateful to the almighty for erasing the fact of Thani’s demise from Dadu’s mind & heart. It would have been havoc otherwise.


Yet, I have also been the witness of Dadu’s lonely longings for Thani during the painful moments of his illness. Thani had made all of us her world & Dadu had made Thani his world.


Loving & losing is painful but the oblivion of the loss & the sheer hope of the return of one’s beloved has been personified by Dadu.


I believe their love is the greatest, it is beyond life & death,beyond time, beyond the shackles of anything that has tried to keep them apart.They are together in life & death.


That brings me to the concept of a twin soul, when you look into their eyes, you feel as if you have found your own self.Being with one’s twin soul can be the most blissful feeling one can ever get and with your twin soul you share nothing but most intimate & selfless love.


In that way I am truly lucky, as I don’t have one but two twin souls, my dearest grandparents. I firmly believe that one day we will reunite, never to be separated again. This separation for now is transitory, the bigger truth is we are in love with each other for now & forever, together in life & death.


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