Love Me More

The feeble cry in your last breath. The pain in your paralyzed limbs. I want to be the toxin you would die for; the drowsiness your eyes would surrender for. Take me in and let your blood take me through every bit of you. Let me be the smell in the final lump of the air that you breathe; the final murmur that your ears would ever listen to. Love me more, for me to be your death.


Love me more.


I don’t want to be in your habitual thoughts. Do not count me in your wake-up flashes. I want to be the thought your thoughts glean from. I want to be the reason you wake up for. Rise in me. Fall in me. Make me the world you can ever imagine yourself in. Love me more, for you to be in me.


Love me more.


For your cheeks to blush on the touch of my lips; for your flowing hair wanting my fingers to brush; for me to become the sparkle in your eyes, a nibble on your ears, a damp whispering kiss on your neck. Make me the hypnic jerk in your tender sleep, the first and the last resort from your haunting dreams.


Love me more…

Like I love you.


~ Ashwin Mohan | Edited by Nandini

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