Letter to the Virtual Lover

Dear you,


If I sit down and contemplate, I’d find pieces of you, sprinkled all over my days; and nights come with the mosaic that it had already painted for me in the form of your silhouette as I remember every subtle detail of how your arms fold and how the tee bulges out of it.


It’s hard not to think how would it be when our souls would get to feel each other’s vibes in its totality. It’s harder to not imagine what would the feel be, when your body would be pressed against mine, and the heat building would be no less than sun’s, because it is the same sun that had watched us sweat together apart and I can count in the moon too, since it is also a witness to how our love got intensified.


I don’t know what’s worse, the stopping of these inflowing thoughts or not seeing you in real?


You might want to know that at times, all I want is you to be near to me, feel your hug burning deep within my skin and before you could even know it, my body would already be smelling of your cologne.


Perhaps this is what love feels like. Perhaps it is how well I know the point to where your lips would curl to form smiles at different situations. Perhaps it is recollecting that you’ve a supernova in your eyes that contains poetry enough to not let me imagine the galaxies and black hole, but a constant nonchalant desire of my craving and a lack of sleep that I’m a cause of.


When you roll back your head and look at me from the corner of your eyes while we Skype, the space rift under my right ear trembles and tells me that I can never have enough of you. Sometimes, I want to be the replacement of the nicotine you have because you too know, it cannot be better than me.


And it’s like I’ve rendered a secret home for you and for me, juxtaposed with our endless talks. It’s like your smile covers and creates the magnificent articulation at my doorsteps and my minimalist expressions make me more tranquil. It’s a place where you can wonder, wander, roam and be free and whatsoever the case might turn out to be, you’d always be welcomed back with the same love and faith.


I hope I’d get to meet you one day. I hope we would get to embrace each other’s existence before you become a dream again. And I so wish for the day to come so that you and I could celebrate our love outside the virtual doors and shackles. And lastly, I hope I’d eventually learn to live without you because we would have to part one day for that is only what we meet for.




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