Letter to my love

Dear Love,


I know you don’t like it when I talk about my ex. But I am going to do it anyway. And I know that you will forgive me because your love for me trumps everything else in this world.

When I was dumped by him, he cited that ours was not a ‘healthy’ relationship. But the truth was that he had fallen for that slim and hot Italian piece of meat.

I was not expecting him to stay forever.

Everyone settles for the slim ones always.

And yet I believed him every time when he said, “I love you”.

The least he could have given me was some closure. A little goodbye speech would not have hurt. But he just walked away from my life.

And in that phase of contemplation, I found myself. He never liked me. I was just a medium for him to get over a bad day. He used me whenever he was hungry, drunk, or hung-over.

My self-esteem had become like bread crumbs. I felt like the hard pizza slice people like to leave on their plates after they are done with the soft, cheesy part.

And then you came along. You love me for the way I am. You don’t complain about my round figure. In fact, you adore it. I had begun to detest myself, but you have never judged me by my calories.

I cannot thank you enough for the happiness you have brought in my life. I have never been prouder of my large size. But the way you look at me, you make feel like a princess.

And what do I say about the way you kiss me? It’s ineffable. I melt at the touch of your lips. I wish we could right now. Can we? Who am I kidding? I know you cannot resist kissing me.

There are times when I am rude to you. There are times when I take some time to get ready. But you never get mad. Your love for me is unconditional. You don’t care whether I am hot or cold, you just love me.

Even when you are sad, you don’t shut yourself to me. In fact, those are times when you love me even more if that is possible.

There are a million reasons why I love you. But the best one is the way you eat me. Never stop doing that.


Yours truly,

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