Letter to my ex

Dear ex,


I still remember the day we first met. A mutual friend had introduced us and we connected instantly. Do you always take your dates to your bedroom on the first date? Don’t answer that. I would like to think that we had something special.
Do you remember those cold nights when you could not resist kissing me? You wouldn’t leave me alone for a moment. I had to warn you about health implications of kissing me, but you would ignore me. If you did not kiss me before sleeping, you would toss and turn all night.


What happened to that heat? Don’t you love me anymore? You don’t even come to see me. And on those rare occasions when you do, you are drunk. Do you really think that and I failed to notice that you want to walk away? It’s just that I couldn’t let you end the five-year-long relationship. You were not thinking right. You needed some exercise to move past your cloudy judgement. You didn’t like to drink when we met. Was I that bad an influence on you?


I miss the feel of your intertwining fingers. I miss the way you used to caress my butt. Why can’t we be like we used to? I understand that you are a grown man now. You have responsibilities. But does that mean you have no time for me?


Or is it because of the fact that your parents don’t want you to be with me? You have lied to them in the past. I don’t see what’s the problem now.


Look at me. I am so pathetic and desperate for you. I need to move on.


I was so engrossed in your love that I didn’t even mind when you shared me with one of your friends. I had hoped that it will reignite the spark between us. But I was wrong. Nothing can change your feelings for me now.


You have moved on in your life. But I know that you once loved me like a madman. I thank you for those nights we spent on that balcony. I thank you for those afternoons. I thank you for everything. But I can’t force myself on you.


I hope you find yourself. I hope that you live a happy and healthy life. Please do not try to visit me after you have had few drinks. I would hate to ruin your life once again.


No longer yours,


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