Let’s Share Silences

Remember the day when we shared an umbrella in the rain? We were both so full of life and laughter that day. You were well aware of my love for the rains. But, after that little rendezvous of ours, I have come to love the rains even better.

The Anonymous Writer Short Story 1

Remember the day when we had a fight over some sort of miscommunication? We were both in tears halfway through it, and then one of us said something stupid, and we both laughed through our tears. No one had ever been able to make me smile and cry at the same time until that happened.

Remember our first lunch date? We were sitting across each other and you couldn’t keep your eyes off me. I couldn’t stop myself from blushing and smiling at the same time.

The Anonymous Writer Short Story 2

You have seen me in all my forms. You have seen me get irritated over the most trifle of matters, and you have then asked me to exercise control over my temper. You have seen me get teary eyed during a movie, and your T-shirt has been the place where I wipe my tears away. You have been there through all my highs and you have seen me in all my lows.

We have shared a million smiles; we have made a gazillion memories. But nothing is more comfortable than sitting beside you, sharing the silence and taking in every bit of the moment. Nothing is more peaceful than listening to the breaths of one another, instead of words and sentences. Nothing is more beautiful than watching each other’s fingers get entwined and letting the feeling of being complete sink in.

Now that we have shared so much with each other, let’s share silences too, shall we?

The Anonymous Writer Short Story 3


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