14th April, 2015
4:30 P.M.
Dear Diary


Happiness has embraced our locality once again for the clouds are setting their euphoric beads of water free. However, the evocative scent of rain hasn’t yet tickled my nose. As a child, I had a strong urge to taste this divine fragrance and even ate lumps of rain-wet soil, obviously, to no avail! But today, I desire not the petrichor but a rainbowscape. I wish to paint my sight with the seven majestic hues possessed by the rainbow. It’s been years since I witnessed this symbol of warmth one gets to see after the sky sheds its tears. I really wish I get to see one, soon. Wish me luck!



2 hours later…


“Mom, I’m taking Snoopy out for a stroll,” she declared and just when she was about to set out on a one-hour walk, she realised that the gusting wind had overpowered the sun’s strength. The rain had ceased but the cold wind was playing with her hair and caressing her chin, creeping under her clothes and cutting through her skin. She feared catching a cold and thus, couldn’t shoo away the thought of putting on some more clothes. She wore her oversized denim-jacket along with her smile, and made herself ready for pleasurable miles.


Just before entering the park, she used to have a word with Syed Baba, who was a peanut-seller. He was an old, frail man but his spirit was way too young and vibrant for words. He was sitting at his usual place with his unusual clattering teeth.


“It’s so cold, Baba. Why aren’t you wearing a cardigan?” she asked.


“Beta, I surely would’ve if I had any. Inshallah, I’ll soon earn enough to buy myself one,” he replied with smiling eyes behind which she knew lurked sorrow.


She felt sorry for him, and in no time took off her jacket. It was her favourite denim-jacket woven with indigo and white yarns, into a pattern that had an inexplicable charm. It were those crystal buttons which she fell in love with at first sight and grabbed an ‘XXL’ when ‘M’ wasn’t available. She could see galaxies in those buttons and there could have been no better sky for them than that of the denim print.


“You are taking this without any argument, Baba. I won’t hear a word,” she kept repeating, forcing him to wear it.


Moments later, when she entered the park and comforted herself on a bench, pangs of regret engulfed her.


She felt as if with the gone denim-jacket, gone was her sky full of galaxies. Something was tearing her apart and would have succeeded in leaving her in millions of tattered parts, had Snoopy’s continuous bark not attracted her attention. He was barking at nothing with his head held high. A look at ‘nothing’ and moisture shone in her eyes. There, in the sky, stood her fulfilled wish.


There stood the seven colours she was dying to meet. There stood the rainbow. Beauteous as ever!


“Being kind is a pretty good deal,” she whispered to herself.


A fulfilled wish for an oversized jacket was indeed a good deal.


Right are the ones who say that kindness pays. It truly does.



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