The school I studied in had a lawyer as a chairman, and his son, serving as the Vice President, was a lawyer too. I came across this fact not as a 7-year old student of that school, but as a citizen, whose father read the newspaper in which a brave journalist had dared to raise questions against the impending trial and conviction of a bus driver, who had killed an innocent, 10-year old kid due to negligent driving.


He had clearly mentioned that it was because of the contacts of the chairman and his son that the case never reached the court, that justice was never delivered.

I was a witness to the accident, sitting in the front cabin of the bus, looking at the dead body of the kid from the left windowpane. I was also the sole witness of the driver being drunk that day, and the kid’s father being innocent, as opposed to what was mentioned in every other newspaper.


Years later, as I grew up, I forgot everything about the accident, but the flashes of his dead body and his father’s almost-dead eyes still came into my mind, more often when I hear the term accident.

However, I was reminded of everything that happened 17 years back, as my mother called me and told me that the innocent, 10-year old grandchild of the chairman was killed in a freak accident because of a school bus, because of the driver’s negligence.


For those who think of it as a coincidence, the way the kids died is eerily similar. I won’t go to the length of explaining how, because I don’t want to give you sleepless nights, but trust me when I say that the deaths were actually, very similar.


The recent case, however, was widely reported in the media, with the SDM of the town expressing grief over the misfortune that the family had to go through.


All I know is, I have never believed in Karma more than I do now, and also that your loved ones have to suffer for your misdeeds, as the kid that died was not even born at the time of that accident.


How or why this happened, if it’s a co-incidence or not, is beyond me, but I am only going to make sure that I remember this lesson forever, that I never earn bad karma.


Image Courtesy : Flickr.com


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