It was an exceptionally cold night.


Kalyani was standing at the edge of the footpath, a burning cigarette held between her fingers. A few passers-by had noticed her provocative cleavage and tried to negotiate the price, but Kalyani had refused them all. She wasn’t looking for just a good price.


An old silver coloured sedan slowed down and stopped a few meters away from where she was standing. A young man wearing a black blazer and khaki coloured formal pants stepped out and sat down on the bonnet of his car, staring at Kalyani.


The young man removed a pack of cigarettes from his coat pocket and signalled Kalyani to come over.


Kalyani liked the way the young man was dressed. She stepped forward with the familiar confidence of a hooker.


“Got a lighter?” asked the young man.

“Indeed,” she replied.


The young man placed a cigarette between his lips and bent forward to allow Kalyani to light up his cigarette.


Kalyani pushed her hand inside her blouse and extracted a shining new lighter from under the many layers of her clothing, before helping the young man with his cigarette.

“You sure know how to light things up, don’t you ma’am,” remarked the young man as Kalyani placed the lighter back inside her blouse.


Kalyani smiled. Finally, a polite young man. His hair looked clean, and his clothes bore the strong fragrance of Davidoff Cool Water perfume.


“By the hour or by the night?” enquired the young man.
“By the hour. Two thousand rupees for the basics, five thousand for the premium – take your pick,” she replied.
“Why don’t we start with the basics, and if things pick up, upgrade to the premium?” the young man replied.


Kalyani nodded. Secretly she hoped the young man would upgrade to the premium. Sure, it wasn’t to her liking, but at least it paid her enough to justify the great risks involved.


The young man drove Kalyani to his apartment, situated in a posh
area about fifteen minutes drive from Kalyani’s street-office.


As they entered the building and waited for the lift to arrive, Kalyani noticed the guards staring at her like starved vultures. She blew them a flying kiss as she entered the lift with the young man.


The young man’s apartment was exceptionally well maintained. The room smelled of lavender and musk. The walls were beautifully decorated with seemingly expensive works of art. The huge flat screen TV mounted on the wall was the biggest she had ever seen. The carpet was soft and velvety, and the upholstery was tastefully done in red and gold.


“You have quite a nice house mister,” Kalyani exclaimed as she went from one room to another, marvelling at the way the house looked.

The young man did not say anything. He merely started unbuttoning his shirt and signalled Kalyani to do the same.


~ ~ ~


Kalyani woke up at the crack of dawn. She quietly picked up her clothes and got dressed. The young man was still sleeping. She quickly took out the money he had handed her a few hours ago from her purse and kept it in the young man’s coat pocket. Then, without making any sound whatsoever, she quickly left the apartment and the building.


She walked for ten minutes before she arrived at the public parking lot. She handed over a slip to the parking attendant who promptly removed a bunch of keys from his key-ring.


Kalyani drove away in her red Mercedes in style.


Ah, the things people do for kicks.


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