Just You

You don’t have to put that makeup on; I like you better without it, for your lips shimmer when they utter my name and eyes gleam as they blink successively.


I cannot help but stare at you, absorbing your charisma like the mud sucks away the water.


You don’t have to wear those bangles that tinkle every time your hand moves, for I like your hand nevertheless, wrapped around mine, into the silences when we walk.


And as I free my grip, I sense yours becoming tighter and firmer, just like an infant would clutch his mother’s finger as he’d doze off.


You don’t have to mention that you love me, for I can feel the rhythm of your heartbeats when I tell you that I’d never let you go.


The smile that pops up your face shines like the long awaited ray of the beloved Sun onto his mistress, Earth.


But trust me, will you? You girl, you’re beautiful, inside out. You don’t have to make extra efforts for me. I’m yours and I don’t need anything to make me adhere to the promises made between us long back.


You, just you would be enough.


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