He was sniffing the fragrance of the newly bought kurta while she was insisting him to pack the bags. She busily inspected the room making sure she’d taken all their belongings. But without much fuss he sat dreamily on the bed holding a few of his clothes.


“Do you realize that we are getting late?” she asked, frowning.


He pulled her hand, making her sit on the bed. Her eyes were still browsing through the random photographs, broken lantern and some books which lay scattered on the bed. Snapping his fingers, he sought her attention and looking into her eyes, he asked, “Are you sure about this? We could have…” She covered his mouth before he could complete it.


Tapping her cheek gently, he hugged her tight. He could feel the multitude of emotions escalating within her.

As someone called out to them, he hurriedly crammed all the leftover stuff, making their way out. They looked at each other, surprised at seeing the happiness on their beloved one’s face.


It was time to leave.


They both didn’t have the strength to look back for one last time; memories kept slamming into their minds. The house stood devoid of charm. Emptiness filled in, though memories wandered. The hallway mirror would no longer see her twinkling eyes looking at her reflection and him standing behind with his arms around her. The gramophone would never again play her favorite tracks and he would never tune the keys of the piano to Beethoven. The walls possessed stains, scratches and vines of blues but not their photographs or her sticky notes for him. The balcony seemed haunted, resounding their giggles and rantings.


As he opened the car’s door, he noticed her tear filled eyes and pursed lips. He knew that she wouldn’t be able to hold it back and when he sat beside her, she poured down her muffled melancholy on him. He had no other option but to comfort her with lies; lies which were beautiful and hopeful!


The car moved on while he was looking into the rear view mirror.


“He could have accompanied us,” he said to her, seeing their son’s reflection. She was lost in the thoughts about their new home, the home for old aged!


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