Is He Letching At You?

The girl walked sensuously on the road, swaying her hips a little too explicitly for the modesty of the passersby. She 6+wore a skin-hugging top that flaunted her curvaceous body & shorts that were way too short, tracing her shapely derriere; inviting stares from the passers-by.


As she felt aware of their gaze on her, she bore her eyes into theirs with a questioning glare. While some men were quick to avert their gaze, one man continued to stare at her, unperturbed. “What are you looking at?” she hissed at him. Ashamed, he quickened his pace & walked away.Unwittingly, the girl had accused him of letching at her without explicitly spelling it out.


So, don’t women stare at men? We do, but we are subtle about it. We may drool over the six-pack abs, toned muscles & chiselled body of a man, but only in private. Unfortunately, grace isn’t men’s forté.


Among the ones who were staring were some women too. Now, would I be justified in saying that they were also letching at her? No, there might have been many reasons for which those women stared at her. They might have been noticing her clothes & accessories or the way she carried herself . Perhaps, they were curious to know what made the girl catch the attention of the males nearby. Perhaps, they were checking out their competition. Or, they were simply appreciating the beauty of another female form.


So, isn’t it possible that some men too may just be appreciating the beauty of women when they stare & not be letching at them?


Women have always been curious & disgusted by men’s fascination with breasts. So, you can imagine my surprise when I discovered than an eye-tracking experiment conducted by several scientists as well researchers has proved that women stare at other women’s breasts as much as men do! The only difference is that women do it for comparison, whereas men do it to judge a woman’s fertility.


That brought me to the question, are women completely incapable of feeling aroused by the female form? Apparently not. According to the results of an experiment where the participants were shown porn videos to study their response, it was found that women, both straight & bisexual, tended to respond to not only male-female erotica & male-male erotica, but also to female-female erotica. I guess, this has something to do with the irresistible beauty of the female form. Whereas, straight men & lesbians responded only to female erotica, and gay men responded to male erotica.

I have stared at & have been stared at by a lot of women. No, I’m neither a bisexual nor a lesbian. I have also caught myself looking at the mirror checking myself out quite frequently. I’m not a narcissist, either. I simply find myself beautiful. Then, how am I to blame men? They are biologically programmed to be attracted to women. Men are, after all, men.


It’s high time we alleviate the taboo attached to lust & sex. Lust is only as human as the rest of the six sins. We are programmed to be visually and/or sexually attracted to attractive things. There’s nothing vulgar about a bee being sexually attracted to a flower. Then, why these double standards for humans? It’s one thing to maintain our civilised etiquettes & another to obsess over things that we have little control over. Animals don’t overanalyse things & indulge in sanctimonious moral policing. We can do good to learn a thing or two from them.


We must realise that we cannot possess absolute control over our hormones, our thoughts & our prying eyes. What we can control, however, is our actions. We can certainly control ourselves from eveteasing. We can certainly control ourselves from rape & murder. As well as from beating up the one you love, unless you’re Christian Grey.


The beauty of beauty is lost if its beauty isn’t admired. The only sin is desecration of beauty. That is why, there are signboards in a park forbidding us from plucking flowers. The beauty of those flowers are to be admired by us & left in the same state so that others can enjoy their beauty too. Because, a thing of beauty is a joy forever.


So, the next time a man stares at you, don’t be offended. Take pleasure in knowing that you’re pretty. Because, not many people will stare at you after you get old & wrinkled. But, if he licks his lips, whistles, makes indecent gestures at you or gropes you, do not hesitate to whoop his ass.


As for me, you can stare at me all you want. But, boy, you can’t touch this!


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