Mom, there’s a ghost. Every time you put me in the bath tub, I see him flowing from the tap just to spit some goosebumps on my skin and make my heart beat faster than before.



He sits on my shoulders and reaches every part of me, reminding me that he’s stronger than me. I told him that one day I will be like the flame and make his existence vanish into the vapours, but he said he’d pour himself all over me and extinguish me at once.



I am scared of this ghost, Mom. Why can’t you see?



Our teacher says he’s essential for our survival. But he’s a ghost squeezing out every drop of life that dances inside my lungs.


He’s not a friend. He’s a foe. Why can’t you see, Mom?



I was crying when you took me along for the river rafting. He was dancing up and down, and wanted to swallow me. But you couldn’t see that he’s a ghost. You and Dad were screaming out of joy. Why Mom?



I am at the party now. My friends mock at me and push me into the pool. I am calling for help. I want to be saved from this ghost but nobody can hear me because he has gripped my vocal chords.



I can’t speak, Mom. The ghost breathes all the air that’s yearning to cross my nostrils.



He is gaining control over me now. He has finally conquered my body. He is swimming inside my lungs and fighting with the muscles of my body.



I have lost it now. I can’t fight anymore, Mom.



Now, I am nothing but ashes. Why can’t you still believe me? He’s a ghost. Why are you still taking me to that sacred river?



That won’t give me peace, but rather take everything that’s left in me.

Don’t do this Maa.



I smile as you stumble. The pot of mud has finally broken and I am free now.



Don’t worry Maa, wind is my friend. He’ll carry me to the place where I want to go. Somewhere far away from the ghost.



I was wrong. He’s disloyal. He has stationed me near the clouds where so many ghosts are breathing. Please call me back to earth.



Save me. I can see all the ghosts dancing around me, cascading and destroying every part of me.



Its fine now, Maa. I can see the sun’s rays tearing apart these clouds, just like an angel coming to my rescue.



I feel better now. The ghost is no more, but neither am I.


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