Get Over It

“Stop being such a cry-baby.”


“You’re not the only one with problems.”


“Get over it.”


There is no dearth of unsolicited advisors in this world, but there is a huge dearth of empathisers. Because, it’s easier to tell people to get over it than help them get over it.


Can we ever know the pain people hide behind their plastic smiles & lifeless eyes? Have we tried?


Every grieving soul has a broken heart. Some have lost their close ones, some have been abandoned. Some have been bullied, some have been molested, some have been raped. Some have loved & lost, some have never loved & some have never been loved. Some have hated & some have only been hated.


Whose pain is greater? How do we measure it? Whom do we feel more sorry for? Whom do we empathise more with?


Everyone’s own pain is the biggest & most burdensome to them. Unfortunately, there are no pain tranquilisers for the matters of the heart, but there are many who trivialise others’ pain heartlessly.


Everyone deals with pain differently. Some fight back, some build defence mechanisms, some switch to self-denial mode, some become depressed, some become suicidal. This is because everyone has different Emotional Quotients(EQ). And, we need to be sensitive so as to not hurt the sentiments of the already hurt.

“Stop crying over a girl man! There are plenty of fish in the sea.”


What right does anyone have to compare someone’s loved one to a fish? Perhaps, he was the fish & she was the water he swam in to stay alive.


You don’t get to decide what to feel, how to feel, how much to feel or for whom to feel for anyone.


Before you tell anyone to get over it, get over yourself. You can judge all you want, but keep the judgement to yourself. Rubbing salt over someone’s wounds isn’t exactly the best thing to do.


If you can’t empathise, don’t sympathise. Don’t patronise, don’t trivialise & don’t advise. Because, the last time I checked, being considerate never killed anyone.


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