Forever, Me and You

“Where are you?” he asked nervously as I answered the call.


“In front of the triangular park. Oh, wait! There are two of these. I am in front of this cafe.”


“Okay, this cafe. Got it.”


“Uh, Ice cafe, come on, there’s only one café over here,” I defended myself.


“You know, I don’t know much about this place,” he said.


“Can’t you find me?” I was tired of the oblivious hide and seek.


“I’m not used to it, I never had to search for you in the crowd. You would always be by my side.” His words hit me hard somewhere.


Ten months and fourteen days later, we were finally about to see each other. Anxiety was running through my heart and creating chaos in my nervous system.


After tonnes of apologies from his side, we had decided to give it another chance, because apparently, there was no one else who we’d want to be with.


Every relationship goes through a rough patch, but things eventually fall back into place somehow. And if it’s meant to be, there’s no way you could stop the said from happening.


As I saw him juggling with his cell phone, I walked towards him.


“Hey,” I said.


He said nothing, instead kept staring at me. His brooding eyes made me uncomfortable for the first time. While we shook hands, my eyes were still gazing the floor.


“How have you been, Ragini?” Words finally spilled out of his mouth.


My heart raced as I heard him say my name. “Say it again,” I wanted to say, but decided otherwise.


“Pretty good. How’s life?” I asked him.


“Finally in front of me,” he said.


“Stop flirting!” I blushed.


“You stop. Stop being so formal. Makes me feel awkward,” he said timidly. I smiled and stepped forward to hug him.


As he hugged me back, I finally realised what familiarity felt like.


Travelling all across the country, shopping, enjoying, having the time of our lives can make us feel lively, but life only begins the moment we enter our homes after the long vacation, shutting the door behind us to jump into our beds.


A warm cup of coffee, our favourite song on the iPod, and a cosy sleep melts our fatigue just like the fire melts away the candle wax.


In his arms, I was finally at home. The dire and disintegrated pieces of me finally crawled back as a whole, towards their saviour – him.


Practically, the hug lasted for a few seconds, yet lingered on for long.


I felt complete, calm and content, all at once. Feeling my unscathed heart breathe, all over again, was beyond my definition of glee.


Time’s tracks had taken his life’s train into an opposite direction. But after wandering and completing his obnoxious journey, his train had finally crossed my path, letting us meet at our common station.


I could not let him disperse again, could I?


I had been waiting for him ever since, why wouldn’t I put my life’s pieces all together now?


To those who say he’d leave me again, like he did before, I’d tell that I’m not afraid to be left; I’m afraid of being forgotten.


No matter where he goes, as long as he remembers who I am, and who I am to him, he’d find his way to bounce back next to me. And I don’t have to worry because real love, ‘Real’ love cannot be easily forgotten; it stays on for as long as we do, it might slightly fade at times, yet pertains, within us and our lives.


“Shall we leave now? It’s getting dark,” I said.


“No. Ragini, stay,” he insisted.


“For how long?” I asked, grabbing his right hand to have a glimpse of his watch.


“Forever this time,” he smiled, clutching my hand.


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