First Night

I woke up and he was gone. It was not the first time when a guy had left me alone in the morning with the memories of the night. The nights have always been like a tunnel to me. I always enter into them like a train with no other option but to succumb to the dark reality.


But out of the blue, in that darkness, I begin to appreciate the quantum of its beauty. And at that very moment, I see a ray of light. Ironically, it’s the only ray of light I’ve never hoped for or looked forward to.


I had also hoped for things to change after marriage. When you wake up and find the one you slept with last night, it does not really change the night. But it gives you hope that there are more tunnels where you can unload the baggage of life.


Anyway, I got up and looked at myself in the mirror. The blood red shade of my lipstick had stripped itself to make way for the nude shade. I quickly fixed my hair and begun to wipe last night’s make-up off my face to put the new one.


“Why am I even bothering?” I questioned myself while putting the mascara.

“If my wedding night make-up could not keep him in bed, what will?” I thought.


I slowly walked out of the room. It felt like a new world to me. I did not know which doors to open. One by one, I hesitantly walked into all the rooms, only to find him nowhere.


As I walked back to the bedroom, I heard his voice. I was yet to see him. I followed the voice and it led me towards the bathroom. I stood by the door, spying on my husband on the first day of our marriage.


“Last night was the most beautiful night of my life… too cliché,” he said.

“I love you,” he said again.


I could hear him behind the noise of the running tap as if he was trying to pour out a nice sentence before the tap fills the bucket.


“You look even more beautiful in the morning,” came another statement.


As he struggled to unlock the words, I tried to unlock the door. To my surprise, we both unlocked those at the same time.


“I hope the last night went well. I sincerely hope so. But if it was not a great night, forget it. I promise you a journey filled with great nights. I love you, I really do,” he said.


His eyes were closed by the gravity of the words coming out.


As his eyes opened, he looked into the mirror and spotted me in the reflection.


His unkempt hair, swollen eyes, tired face and his sheepish smile, I fell for all of it. And I fell in his arms.

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