First Kiss

“Firsts are always special,” they say and I cannot agree more. From the first time I saw you to the first time I held your hand, all have been special moments etched in my memory forever. And today, you gave me one more special moment that I am going to cherish throughout my life.


It was absolutely unexpected, but that’s how surprises are meant to be. They come to you when you have no idea about them. Yes, this was to happen someday or the other, but you chose it to happen today or maybe it was destined to be like this only.


My designs were rejected right away and ridiculed. I tried not to be sad but seeing months of my hard work rejected was painful. I didn’t realize when you came into the room, while I sat dejected on the floor. I didn’t think of sharing this with anyone, because I knew neither you nor anyone else could do anything. I have always been like this. Leave me alone with my pain, and I recover from it, without any help.

I was lost in my thoughts when suddenly I felt your hand tugging at my hand. I turned around and you planted a peck on my cheeks. It came all of a sudden. I was surprised.


A tear came rolling down my cheeks. I wiped it off. You had managed to kiss away my pain. Your kiss had that magical effect to make me forget everything else. That one moment was enough to cover up all the sadness and pain.


I picked you up in my arms and hugged you. My child, you made my day. You gave me another first among the many others. Your first kiss brightened up my mood.


I love you, my little baby.


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