She couldn’t protest. She couldn’t protest because the man had his hand over her mouth. She couldn’t protest because she didn’t understand what the man was doing to her. “You’ll love this, kid,” the man said, as he slowly unbuttoned her pants. The three year old didn’t know what do as he pushed her pants down her legs with one hand. “Mmm,” the man licked his lips, “Someone is very pretty down there!” The girl shivered with fear as the man touched her. She was just three years old. She wasn’t wearing revealing clothes.

“Touch it, kid,” the man said, dropping his pants to the floor. The three year old backed away as the man’s lustful eyes grazed over her naked form. She wanted to run away. She was scared. She didn’t know that the man was a criminal, but she didn’t like the look in his eyes. She couldn’t run away. The washrooms in the trains were too small, and the door was bolted. The man picked her up in his arms, and kissed her lips. Then he made her stand over toilet seat, so that he had easy access to her body. She stood there, shivering. She was just three years old. She was not asking for it.

The man washed her face with water, and wiped it with his handkerchief.

He kissed her all over her body before dressing her up. “Shh, you can’t cry anymore,” he whispered, wiping her tears with the back of his hand. He picked her up in his lap, and carried her out of the washroom. “Kid, be careful. If you tell anyone about what happened in the bathroom, I will throw you out of that door,” he said, pointing at the open door of the running train. She was just three years old. She was scared of death.

“Baby, you’re all red. What happened?” her dad asked, taking her in his lap. “We went too far from our compartment. She got scared probably,” the man said, smiling. “Daddy, I will never want to see all of the train again,” the little one said, her voice barely audible. The man who had volunteered to show her around had done a very good job. She was three years old. She was scared of strangers.

“Ma’am, I am Rishi. I will show you around the office.” She had joined a new office, and her junior assistant offered to show her around. She declined politely. She was thirty-three years old. She was still scared of strangers.


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