Don’t Fall in Love with Me

Do not fall in love with me. I’m not the girl you can ever live happily ever after with. I’m only good for a night. I’m the kind of girl you meet in a bar, share your poison with, blabber in a slurred way about your pretty ex-girlfriend who cheated on you & then have a one-night stand with. I’m the kind of girl who can help you get over your ex in a night. But, don’t make the mistake of trying to take my number or calling me ever again. Because, I’m the girl you will never be able to get over. Neither alcohol nor one-night stands will make you forget the intoxicating way my mouth tasted, like a whisky completely different from the one we drank or the way I spilled my secrets out carelessly along with the whisky on your shirt. You won’t forget the faraway look in my eyes as you drank me in with yours.


Do not fall in love with me. I’m not the girl who needs a man. I own such a cluttered life that I feel suffocated by the least amount of space clogged up by the commitment a relationship seeks. You can trap me in a cage & admire my exotic feathers, but I’ll fly away at once as soon as you leave the door open. I’m always on the run, searching for new roads. I do not have a home. I just want to be lost & never found again.Do not fall in love with me. I’m incapable of loving anyone. I’ve been stripped off of trust, faith, hope, love & I’m naked. My soul has love bites all over it & it has not yet healed. I’ve given & given & received nothing in return. And now, I have nothing left to give you. Do not fall in love with me. Your warm tears cannot move a cold stone like me.

My memories will turn into your nightmares & will torment you until you become a hallucinating insomniac. They will render you powerless over your thoughts & actions. You will have nothing else to talk about, but me, with your mates even when you’re sober. And soon, you will have only yourself left to talk to.


Do not fall in love with me. You’ll forget to breathe. You’ll forget to live. You’ll forget that you’re a human being too. And, that you also deserve to be loved. Do not fall in love with me. You’ll become incapable of loving anyone else. And, there will come a time when you will forget that there was a time when you loved yourself too.


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