Don’t call yourself an artist

Let me get this straight. Don’t call yourself an artist.
Because the day you start calling yourself one, you’ll become like me. Selfish, egocentric and intimidating.


1. You won’t care about that friend of yours when you ask her what it felt like when they were on a ‘break’. You don’t give two damns about her unstable relationship.
All you want is “inspiration” every time you feel like your pen is running out of ink.


2. You are never going to like that classmate of yours in the first place but you’ll still lead him on.
You will pull a couple of strings from his heart to feel the guilt running down your veins.
For you have become numb. And you have to feel something to write again.


3. People around you think that you care when you show interest in their lives. But since when did “small talk” start catching your attention?
You will just be looking for the technical glitches in human emotions. You want to pen it all down and as usual, get applauded while stupid people call your work relatable.


4. You’ll start talking to that kid across the street near your house. You would want to know how his father gets drunk every day and abuses his mother.
Of course, you’ll feel empathy for him. But most importantly, your conversations with him add up to the “realness” of the next article you are submitting.


5. Coffee becomes essential and cigarettes become an addiction. You’ll try drawing patterns around the layers of smoke.
But none of it is going to work, trust me. All this will not suffice your hunger for words. Because to write, means to live. And you died the day he left.

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