Dear Diary

My mother thinks my father is cheating on her with his colleague.


She makes me check his phone. I read those flirtatious messages to her. I show my mother her photographs on Facebook.


I see my mother cry everyday. Sometimes she sobs silently in the kitchen and sometimes wails in front of me too.


I know she is very sad. She doesn’t want to cook any more, even if she does, it’s tasteless.

She doesn’t talk to anybody except me, that’s why I never leave her side.


I hate my father for this even if I don’t know exactly what’s going on. But, when he gets me a chocolate bar while coming back from work, I let him play with me.

He cracks funny jokes, but my mother doesn’t laugh on them anymore.

My parents fight everyday at night, they think I am asleep but I just close my eyes and pretend.

I try to make them happy; I do my homework on time, I finish my meal everyday even though I don’t like it anymore.


But these things don’t work on them, they still fight and scold me too.

My parents don’t want to live with each other now , but they want me to live with them.


But, dear diary, I want both of them to drop me to school as they used to when we were happy.


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