Knock knock!


Unknown gentleman – Who is it?


Abhijit – Sir, I am a volunteer working for a good cause. I need five minutes of your time.


Unknown gentleman – As in? Who are you?


Abhijit – Sir, I am here to help you with some great revelations about life, and to rid you of your sorrows.


Unknown gentleman – Ah, I see. You seem to be from some church. I don’t have time for your sermons now, boy.


Abhijit – Sir, I urge you to listen to the voice that rings the loudest. The voice of love and hope. The righteous voice. The lord wants so.


Unknown gentleman – Listen kid, we are not religious people anyway. You will be wasting your time with us.


Abhijit – Okay Sir, I am sorry. I guess I should not force the issue. But Sir, it’s hot. May I get a glass of cold water?


Unknown gentleman – Sure son, right away. Come in and have a seat.


Abhijit – Nice house you got here Sir.


Unknown gentleman – He he. Thanks.

Abhijit – Sir, are you fond of music? I see a beautiful stereo under that stack of old newspapers.


Unknown gentleman – Oh yes kid. We all love music, don’t we? You people also have choir in church, right?


Abhijit – Sir, I am not Christian.


Unknown gentleman – Huh? Why are you working as a missionary then?


Abhijit – Sir, I am not a missionary of the church.


Unknown gentleman – Then who are you boy?


Abhijit – With the greatest regard for your time and attention, I humbly request you to listen to the voice that is truly divine. (Gets up and plays a song on the stereo)


~ Five Minutes Later ~


Unknown gentleman – Marvellous! Fantastic! Divine indeed!


Abhijit – Sir, do you now accept Lana Del Rey as your saviour?


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