Of all the things I miss about you, I miss our conversations the most.

From the first shy introduction to the late night talks, I miss them all. I still remember our first date. I was mesmerised by the way you blushed as I complimented you. Your eyes glistened when you spoke about your passion, dancing. I could spend my whole day listening to you.

The late night talks over numerous cups of coffee were when we poured our hearts out and talked about everything under the sun. My dreams, my fears, my mistakes, my random thoughts- you were the only one who would listen to all of these without judging me.

My life before meeting you was like a silent film. After all, how many people understand sign language or have the patience to understand words without hearing? But, with you, my feelings and thoughts also got words. Our silent talks were very special. Well, there were times when we didn’t have to wait for each other’s signs to understand what we wanted to convey. A look in the eyes was enough to do so.

Life never seemed silent in the forty-two years I spent with you. But, with you gone, my life is mute again. My eyes long to see your signs and your smile. My lips long to smile while seeing you. If I could, I would bring you back and talk to you for hours.

I don’t cry when I think of you because my tears are what you hated the most. I smile and wait for the day we would unite again, in a different world and have conversations that make us alive again.


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