Breaking Up

Closure is underrated. You would never know how excruciating it was for me to keep searching for the answers that took away what we had.


Do you know what was the toughest part about breaking up with you? It wasn’t the break up itself. It wasn’t the tears, the torturous days or the sleepless nights. It was learning to live with myself alone after that. Those bouts of low self-esteem & self-doubt.


Was it my fault? Where did I go wrong? Did I fall short somewhere? What should I have done better? Could I have saved it somehow?


It was hard trying to convince myself that I was complete without you; that I could keep on living like everything was all right; that I could go back to the cheerful girl I was before I met you.


It got tougher when I saw couples walking hand-in-hand, blissfully ignorant about the world around them. Drunk in love. Intoxicated by life. Lost in each other’s eyes.


Getting over you wasn’t easy. It was hard seeing you again. Worse yet, seeing you with her. Was she better than me? Of course, she must be. What a silly question to ask!

But, do you know what was the worst part about breaking up with you? It was the realisation that I would have to start all over again. Learn to trust someone. Bare my scars. Unveil my secrets. All over again. Put in all the efforts again to build what I had with you.


And then, I met him. And, I realised that it could’ve never worked out with you because it wasn’t meant to be. He was different. My soul connected with his as it never had, with anyone else. Conversations were never this sensual. Sparks flew. His promises were inscribed in stone. His love is the drug that feeds my sanity. Just like the movies. Only more real.


I guess, there is only one true soulmate for everyone. He found me.


Closure is overrated. If you meet the right person, you forget the questions you had about anyone else. You don’t worry about losing a rupee when you find a thousand in its place.


Do you know what was the best part about breaking up with you?




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