“You’re Bonkers!” While taking the liberty of indulging in a bit of narcissism I often wonder “What should I do with this restless mind of mine?” Why can’t it learn to be still for a while? Why does it so resemble that free spirited man I used to know earlier? Then, I unabashedly call it ‘non-conformist’. It simply refuses to follow the usual set of norms. It has become one hell of an animal, who refuses to be tamed. The world says we “feel” emotions in our hearts, but this mind, out of his usual habit, denies conforming to this too. He let in all those airy thoughts, unsettled feelings and fiery emotions and makes me look like a crazy person; so much so that every day I need to see myself in the mirror and say, “You’re bonkers!” He smiles and replies “I know it well, lady.

I know this because it was you who did this to me. I’m just a part of you which reflects what you try to feed me with. Feed me joy and you will see yourself joyful. Feed me melancholy and you will see yourself, in the mirror, mourning. Now, tell me who told you to satiate my hunger with craziness? It’s not my fault!” I sighed and gave in to what that fierce force had said to me. The parting words I said, “Fine! Run wild like a free spirit as much as you want. Just don’t get yourself killed. Okay?” I saw him smirking at me in the mirror. I murmured to myself, “Oh, boy! He’s gonna get me killed some day.” Even if I had the power to control or manipulate him to do what I want, I would never, in my wildest dreams, do that. Why? That’s because I love him. I love him for what a free spirit he is. I would better let him fly with his imagination rather than clip his wings. That’s how free spirits are. That’s how he is, always will and should be like.


~ Preeti Manchanda



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