Trembling with fear, she picked up her phone and called him up.

“Harsh, can you please come to my place?”

“Now? It’s 3 a.m., Riya”.

“Please come over. I am really scared,” she mumbled through her sobs.

“What happened?”

“I heard some strange voices and suddenly woke up. Someone was banging on the window. I thought it might be the wind, but… but when I went near the window, I saw a hand banging on the glass.”

“How’s this possible? You live on the third floor.”

“Exactly. The banging stopped after a few minutes. The lights have gone out. And, I can hear some screaming noises coming every now and then. I called out to the watchman from the balcony but he’s also not replying,” she cried.

“Okay. Don’t worry, I’m coming. I’ll be there in 15 minutes.”


She hung up and clutched on to her pillow, sitting on her bed. The neighbours were also out on a holiday. The noises were not coming from a couple of minutes. She went to the kitchen to have water. She walked slowly with her phone’s light guiding her way.

“Aah!,” she let out a cry as she stumbled upon something. It was just a pair of slippers. Her heart was racing faster.

She was filling up a glass of water when a glance at the kitchen window sent shivers down her spine. She walked back. The window glass had the imprint of a hand on the outside. She ran out and the banging began on the kitchen window too.

She picked up her cellphone to call up Harsh, when someone knocked the door. She stood still. The banging on the window had stopped.

“Riya! Open the door. It’s me.”

It was Harsh’s voice. She ran and opened the door and hugged him tightly.

He patted on her back to calm her down. She wiped her tears and held his hand.

He took her to the bedroom and sat with her.

“Don’t worry, Riya. I am here.”

She put her head on his shoulder and hugged him. The noises were gone too. She felt safe now, but her heartbeat was still far from normal. She let out a sigh and her eyes suddenly fell on the mirror, right across her bed. She couldn’t see Harsh there.

Startled, she moved away a bit and looked at him. He was not Harsh. Messy hair, a distorted face and blood red eyes- that’s all she saw.

“Come to me, Riya,” he pounced upon her.


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