Are You Lost There?

You look so beautiful when you are lost. You walk on the road with your hands in your pocket, no set of earphones distracting you, no smartphone making you smarter, or mercilessly popping up notifications.


You look so serene in your solidarity. As you walk by me and I sit by the pavement, I smile. You miss it, of course, because you are lost. As I sit on this mildly wet pavement enjoying my tea, I imagine what your thoughts might be.


What is it that might be troubling you? Are you thinking about the person who broke promise and did not turn up?
I am there for you.


Or are you thinking about your problems at home? Let’s solve them together as I am there for you.


Are you worrying about your future and your insecurities? If it is so, don’t worry.
Share your insecurities with me. I will forever listen to you. I will always give you hope; because I am there for you.


Are you worrying about your dreams and aspirations? Are you worried if you will be able to fulfill them or not? Don’t worry, because I am there for you. Let’s achieve our dreams together.


Are you thinking about the people you left behind? Do you miss the friends you left in the ruins of your past? Don’t worry because one day you will meet them. Your paths will cross and you will pick up the friendship from where you left off. And you will be thankful that they chose to be your friends, chose to be a part of your life, because what is life without company? And of course, you would be bored till now. But I say it again.


I am there for you.


You suddenly stop. A bike almost hits you. You look around not giving a damn while the biker throws angry comments at you. You look behind as I had shrieked, “Look out!”


You look at me, as I had gotten up in a hurry to protect you. You look at the broken tea glass, spilling tea on the road as I stood up for you.


You look at me, yet you do not see me. Our eyes meet but I look down. I gather the shards of the tea glass and set those beside me as I sit down on the pavement again.


You look in my direction, for a moment longer. And then you turn around. You start walking. I am still looking. You are again lost in your own mysterious world. The crowd starts blocking my view of you, yet I keep looking. You are almost gone; almost out of sight.


And then, you look back.


I can’t say just how beautiful you look. Your hair, previously wound up in a tight bun, are almost about to loosen up. You take your hands out of your pockets and brush off the insolent hair that has escaped the bun and had fallen over your face. You look surreal – a creature not meant for this world.


You look at me. Yes, you finally see me. Your lips almost betray your melancholic mood, and there hovers a promise of the smile.


You smile. I smile back. I leave the shards of glass by the pavement. And I start walking.


~ Gouravmoy Mohanty
(Sent via inbox, edited by The Anonymous Writer’s Aashna Sharma)

Image source: Pixabay



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