“Ambre, my baby, thank God you are safe! I searched for you almost everywhere- Natalia’s place, Jack’s place, Ira’s and Greg’s as well, in the garden, by the lakeside, on the seashore- everywhere, but to no avail. Where had you been?” the worried father questioned, breathing short, quick breaths.


“I lost my way back home, Daddy.” the four year old answered.


“But where did you go, little one?”


“There, in the valley of flowers, Daddy. Remember, how cute mommy looked when she smiled on receiving a rose from you? I went there to get a rose for her but just when I was about to return home, I realised that I’d lost my track. I swear, I would’ve cried a river if she wouldn’t have come and helped, Daddy.”


“She? Who, Ambre?” he questioned.


“Didn’t mommy tell us how, when people die, Jesus turns them into angels who then, guide people? That angel came and helped, Daddy. Anyway, come, let’s give this rose to mommy together,” she clutched her father’s hand and dragged him in.


“Seems she has been burdened with work in office today as well for she hasn’t yet returned home, Ambre,” he said after they had looked for her in the house.


“Oh, Daddy, I can’t wait to give her this rose! When would she return?”


“Soon, child!” he assured.


He assured her because he had come to believe that no matter what, mothers fulfill their children’s wishes even if it means that they would have to put themselves in trouble, even if it means that they would have to mount on the earthly-wings of heaven, even if it means that they would have to turn themselves into angels because they are physically no more!


Just like Ambre’s mother did.


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