An Evening Of Dance

Darling, can I have this dance?
Can I have this dance, not to the piano keys, not on this stage, not before this audience, but to the midnight tunes of darkness and love?

I’d take you amidst the woods, where there would be no one but the stars and the moon as our spectators. I’d hold your hand and keep you close. We’d sway to the winds and dance to our love. We’d dance in the twilight, indifferent towards the freezing cold, warm with each other’s touch, enough for each other. We’d dance to our own tune and sing to our own chords, lost in each other. Yes, like a dream come true. Like everything we ever wished for, coming to life before our eyes.

We’d dance carefree, lost into the blissful rhythms of our hearts tuning with each other and our lips playing the strings. We’d dance in the dark oblivion with light of our love illuminating around us.

We’d dance to the unknown yet serene music created by the rattling winter leaves, whistles of a mild breeze, and tapping of our rhythmic steps.

Wouldn’t it be beautiful to dance just for each other, to open our eyes, brimming with magic, to see through each other? Wouldn’t you let me have this honor of showing you my naked soul and accept you as you are, intact with every flaw and beauty, to dance with bare souls under the moonlight? Wouldn’t you dance with me in the starlight where we will forget about our past and stand as individuals, vulnerable to all emotions, where there exists no “you” or “I”, just our song of love? Wouldn’t you let me hold your hand if you happen to stumble or hold mine if I do, for we are all flawed humans trying to make sense of our imperfections? Wouldn’t you let me see you as you walk under the moon and not on the red carpet or touch your bare rosy flesh without the layers of made-up perfection?

I’d hold your hand and dance through this life. I’d listen to all your rhythms and create some with you. I’d dance with you forever just like I would in the darkness of this night. I’d feed your passions and take away your fears, capture the raw emotions and let you free like a bird in the sky. Together we’d create a legacy of wild, passionate romance and leave behind this tune of love to reverberate in our posterity.

Now tell me darling, won’t you dance with me?

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