Airborne Happiness

Amidst the ruckus beneath the ramp, where the ground force was giving  all to ensure we stayed on schedule, and the serenity inside the plane that engulfed all the passengers, flight 6E472 began its take-off.

As I witnessed a paradox of an elevating body and a sinking heart, I beheld the ground as if it were bidding me adieu.

Parting is the most arduous segment of the saga called love, which was why I kept looking at the ground, for I envied the wheels of the plane, which knew that their belongingness remained in the sky, yet made love to the ground after each landing. More did I envy the benevolent ground that let its lover go to kiss the sky without remorse.

I had left Bengal to return to Delhi, and the memories of the trip ensured that my eyes remained constantly wet. I wanted to pack these memories in a case and open it to venture into the surreal beauty of nature. Alas, I couldn’t.

Therefore, the passenger who had occupied the seat 16D was in a forlorn state. And that’s when I saw her smile. She had been standing all this time with her colleagues and I didn’t care, but what caught my undivided attention was her smile.

“Sir, please fasten your seat belt,” she told me, smiling.

Like a bewitched slave, all I could do was obey my mistress.

I fastened it, looked up, and smiled back. “Thank you, sir.”

For the next one and a half hours, all I did was stare at her, constantly, like a shameless stalker. My eyes didn’t wander below her face, for, even the slightest inclination on the side of her lips made my heart stop and start again.

“We will be reaching Delhi in the course of the next 10 minutes. Delhi reports a temperature of 30° C. Please fasten your seat belts for landing, and I hope you had a pleasant time flying with Indigo,” first officer Pawan Nayak said in his ever reassuring voice. It was at that moment, that I decided to do something for the princess named Nikita(as her nameplate read). So I quickly opened notepad, and let my thoughts flow; raw, wild, and untamed.

Voila! And just when 6E472’s wheels kissed their lost love again, I completed my write-up. As I was about to leave the plane for the ramp, I showed her the poem.

“Her ramp was high in the sky,
And I could just wonder why,
a princess of the blue,
would need a plane to fly?

I beheld her with raised brows,
And I could just wonder how,
I hadn’t blinked even for a moment,
Looking at her dimples thinking, “Wow”

My heart was full of emotions,
A paradox of high and low,
Drowning in the moments begone,
But Her smile rejuvenated my soul.

My hand lay on my book,
But sir Charles Dickens had been betrayed,
For his novel was on my lap,
But her smile was all over my brain.

I smiled and went back to read,
But my mind rambled with my heart,
For I needed to know how,
the curve of someone’s lips,
Could a play a million tricks.”

All she could do was blush, blush, and blush more.

“Thank you sir, that is so nice of you. I can’t even tell you how it feels,” exclaimed Nikita.

“The pleasure is mine. Just keep smiling,” I answered and turned to leave 6E472 until next time. It was in those moments of parting, that I realised the true power of happiness.

Happiness is never relative. It’s almost an element present in the earth like any other. And it is way powerful than its antagonist, sadness. Sadness can arrive only from sources known to you, but happiness’ scope ranges from anything to everything.

I wasn’t feeling sad anymore. Another epiphany dawned at that time. Maybe I’m destined to do this. Write. Not entirely for myself, but to let the world smile after reading what I write. Maybe there’s a bigger purpose in life than just earning money and spending it.
I realised that the wheels and the ground never had any remorse because they were busy smiling at the good moments they shared rather than crying about the moments they couldn’t. This is happiness.

I know that I won’t see her again, but I found my happiness in her smile. Where’s yours?

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