Everything’s been arranged to perfection. We have white cake with roses for frosting and dresses that make us have a run for our money.


Even the lights are made to blink 9 seconds after blinking once as a tribute to the date you first asked me to be yours.


And it’s heaven inside the canopy where you stood with a ring that you plan on sliding across my left finger hoping it would fit. The only call for disaster in our perfect wedding!


But who needed this? I look at you and know you felt the same. We weren’t the couple who chased perfection; we liked Joker and Jean for a reason. You called me a riot and I called you chaos, after all. In our mind we agreed to elope even though we haven’t spoken a word.


I threw the bouquet and ran into your arms, and you laughed as you carried me to your car.


We got the words out before anybody could protest and told everyone to help themselves at the feast back at the hotel.


Give people food and they would shut up, you always told me and that’s what I do to you when you don’t shut up. And I know you do that to me as well darling.


We drove to the lake you asked me out first and took our vows different from any other.


You wished the guests were dressed as Storm troopers and the pastor should’ve been Gandalf. We could all have dressed up as our favorite character.


We could forget our names and call each other Cat and Bones because I like them very much. And I would say we will be wild like waves living for the brief moment in between the rise and fall and we’d do exactly the same.


I will make you swear that you would never leave me unless I get downright boring, something I will make you vow in between- ‘You are my everything and I can still call you a piece of shit’ and ‘if there is a choice between ice cream and me- you have to choose ice cream on top of me.’


I’ll tell you, we will never grow old because we will be young at heart, but you can call me a liar only when my arthritis makes it hard to walk – that is of course to beat you up if you called me one before, because calling names is not allowed.


I will point at a map and we will go there and you will ask me to taste something because you have a weak stomach and I will say everything’s good and make you suffer for lying about a weak stomach because we agreed that’s not allowed.


We will go places and call it home for a second- because my home’s whenever you are. And we will find more trouble than Harry, Hermione and Ron together could find in all of their school years and I’d kill you If you tell someone I made up an imaginary daughter for the last piece of cake in the bakery to eat later.


We will talk and talk till we run out of words and call it our song with only a steady chorus. And we will say sorry when we mean it or keep on saying it till we mean it. We would sign a contract never to tear each others favorite clothes in passion, and we won’t wear any when the other says “I’m done”. I will respect that you love different music and would never make fun of it unless I can’t really help it.


We will promise to love each other till the sun burns out or we face oblivion- whichever comes first. And even then, we will find our way back to each other.


We will share the last penny to buy eggnog because it has cake and ice-cream in it even if we hate it, because for rich or for poor we will share food together. And if one of us is sick, we call for help and not click bad pictures to torture the other with later.


I will tell you, you are beautiful once every day for the rest of my life and tell you again and again when you stopped believing it inside.


We will hit the road and leave our worries behind and laugh and smile every moment because the world needs people happier or the weight of this sadness might make us all disappear.


I want to be a star you say, and I would tell you I want to eat a star and we would laugh at the indecency of our thoughts and make love till the skies fall down.


We could die holding hands and press our lips when it happens but until then we will love each other and live for the moment. You are the words to my favorite songs, and the smile I could never hide, you are my wonderland, Will you take me as your wife?


You are my moon and the stars, and the blanket that keeps me alive on the strongest of fall, you are my very piece heaven, and do you take me as your husband?


Yes. Yes.


Tell me love, do you believe in forever? And I would tell you I believe in you, me and our adventures.


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