A Sister’s Love

Hey bhai,


You’re probably wondering why I am writing you a letter, when we never talk about our feelings to each other.


It’s only been three days since you left for your new job in Bangalore and I’ve missed you so much already. Now I know what it is like to keep a chocolate in the refrigerator and not find it gone when I look for it. Now I know what it is like without our silly fights over who will keep the TV remote. Now I know how it is to live with all the space I wanted in the room without struggling for making space for my books. But I guess now that I have it all, I realize I don’t want it anymore.


You’re probably thinking that I’ve gone insane, since I was the happiest one after knowing that you’d have to leave. I remember how immensely disappointed you were when you witnessed my ear-to-ear grin as I read and re-read your appointment letter. And the way you whispered in my ear, “I know you’re faking it just to make me feel a little better about leaving” and I’d laughed it off, and in that exact moment I realized how well you really know me.


Brother, just so you know, it’s no fun eating chocolates without you. Now when I look at it, a little less space in the room isn’t as bad as having the whole of it to myself. Hiding the remote is no fun, knowing there’s no one to blackmail. If only I could trade those days and have your annoying-but-loving company once again.


You remember when I’d said I won’t come to the airport as I had to study? I was lying, lying because I knew how shattering the moment of saying bye would be; lying because nothing should come between you and your dream job, not even my tears. You were right when you said that I was faking it, but if I hadn’t pasted that smile on my face that day you would have never booked the ticket. The ticket didn’t just give you a new job, it took you closer to your dream and nothing matters to a sister more than her brother’s dream. Now that you are finally settled, I’m happy that I made that decision, the decision to not make you look back!


Happy dreams, brother
-Your proud sister


-Pragya Achantani | Edited by Farrokh Jijina



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“A Sister’s Love”
  • A beautiful story is something with which you can relate too and get lost in a world where feeling take over your body and soul.

    Wonderfully written! thanks for making my day. 🙂

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