A Silver Lining

Tilting his weapon for the right shot, he aimed straight at me. The eye of his camera captured my stillness. Bemused by his awestruck stance, I wonder what it could be that drew him towards me.


“Look mommy, a cloud!” the little child said excitedly, the thought pondering yet again.


I fail to recognize the beauty they find within my omnipresence. I’m only a speck of white, strewn across the sky. I’m just a puff of smoke that fades into the moonlight.


“How am I beautiful?” I ask myself. My silver lining jumps up in delight. It has been a while since my soul last called out to the jewel that once adorned me.


Belief and Hope find their way back to me, yet again. I bask in my new-found light, shades of silver blinding the darkness that once lit up my core. My smile blooms into an arc of seven shades, painting the skies with the hues of my happiness.


Once again, my silver lining streaks the sky. The child bursts into gleeful laughter, so do I.


– Vrutti Joshi | Edited by Aashna Sharma


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