A Romance with the Rain

“Rani! Shut the window,” she shouted out to the maid for the second time.


The window panes were rattling loudly because of the stormy winds. Irritated with the noise and tired of waiting for the maid, she got up to shut the window herself.


The wind blew her hair as she stood at the window. Just when she was closing it, she felt a drop on her hand. It had started raining.


She always avoided the rain because of the lost memories it brought back to her. The rain reminded her of him, his love, his laughter, his silly moves. He was the one who showed her that it was fun to get drenched in the rain. Holding his hand, she heard the rain play a magical tune as she danced with him in the rain.


She had never seen rain the same way after they parted. She escaped it as a means to escape the thoughts of him. But tonight was different.


Closing her eyes, she inhaled the petrichor that soothed her. Unable to stop herself, she let her hand out of the window and felt the little drops on her skin. The sound of the rain was again magical to her ears.


She let the rain drench her in its love again, for her romance with the rain was still the same.


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