A Moment of Bliss

“If there is a moment of bliss, this is it,” she said while running her dainty fingers through his hair as he lay with his head on her lap, smiling sheepishly. Gently, he took her hand into his, filling the gaps between her fingers and then kept it on his chest while stroking it lovingly.


“Can you feel something?” he asked sleepily. His dreamy eyes, half closed, seemed to be lost in the mystery of her dense hair which looked like the dark clouds on a stormy afternoon of the monsoon.


She giggled mischievously at his gesture, turning away, her open hair brushing his face, tickling it mercilessly. He then got up suddenly, pulled her close and looked straight into her large luminous eyes, “This is serious,” he whispered with a sullen face.


Her giggles subsided as she gaped at him with a slightly open mouth, her luscious lips, forming a perfect circle. “I think I should do something right away,” he continued with the same look of seriousness.


As he spoke, she couldn’t help but adore the slight curl around his lips, that faint dimple on his chin, his chiseled nose resembling a sword , his expressive brown eyes conveying an ocean of emotions and his deep baritone which made her go crazy.


“Maybe, I should see the doctor. This has been continuing for quite some time and I need to find a remedy for it,” he said, looking away.


Her heart shaped face contorted, the smile faded away and with arched eyebrows she asked him, “What is it?”


There was silence for a while after which he looked at her again, drew her close and whispered into her ears, “You really want to know?” She nodded innocently. With a slight grin he whispered again, “I don’t know why my heart beat rises abruptly, whenever I am with you” and he burst into laughter, like a child who had just played his best prank.


Her bangles tinkled as she hit his back playfully. “You and your weird sense of humor,” she complained while twitching her lips.


“What can I do, I become the happiest when I make you nervous and then make you crazily happy,” he blurted while laughing uncontrollably.


After feigning anger for a while, she drew his hand close to her face and planted a soft kiss on it. Their shy eyes met and they were lost in each other, almost intoxicated. He then held her beautiful face in between his palms and slowly brushed his cheek against her playfully. With an increased heartbeat,she then drew his face close to her and they tried playing nose fighting for some time while giggling like chirpy children.

As the evening breeze engulfed the garden in its arms, their laughter subsided and under the gulmohar tree, along with their lips they kissed each other’s soul.


As they embraced each other, a warm current flowed through them, making them feel that they were a single soul, which had accidentally split into two bodies.


Aslam and Disha were oblivious of the world around them, to the masked men who burnt each other’s houses and waged wars, who spat on and cursed each other, who would kill them right away, if they found them.


Yet, they were were lost in each other, experiencing a moment of bliss: a perfect moment when everything else seemed vague and trivial, a moment where they found the infinite in each other’s arms, a moment that was pristine and perfect, a moment that was oblivious to religion and drenched in countless emotions and this precisely made it eternally beautiful.


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