A Letter from Beyond

Hey buddy!

Never thought about this happening but yeah, we call life strange, guess what would you call afterlife then?

Hey! I saw you from up here.

Thanks for being strong in front of my family that day.

Some people questioned your friendship when they didn’t see you cry at my funeral.
Had only they seen you break down once you were alone.

I am sorry for not being there that time. You needed someone.

It was the first time that I was not there for you when you needed me.

And as much as you think that it is going to be like this always; well, it’s not.

Yep, I will be there with you.

See, let me put it this way.

People who complain of having to work all through life, they will surely be disappointed once they come up here.

This too is a crazy world.

Everyone has to work. And yes, thankfully, there is no competition here.

I too have been assigned a job.

You know what that is? It is to watch and care for you.

Maybe my experience of being your best friend helped me get a better job. Trust me there are people whose jobs are to sort out complaints people have with God.

Crazy world, I told you.

It might feel strange to hear as much as it is to say but, one thing is for certain.

Now that I am not there with you, I feel a lot closer to you now than I ever felt before.

There is someone in the future record room, and thanks to my magic smile that you were always jealous of, I have seen your life. I agree that I was missing you. It was kind of like seeing your photos. Though no photo of yours made you look as old as I have seen you.

You are going to live a long life, which eventually would be happy but before that, the road is not smooth.

That is where I come over.


We will deal with it together. I will help and guide you for life.

Just one difference, I will stay young.

Time is running. Wow! That bitch works here as well. I thought time was a problem down there only.

Anyway, when you wake up tomorrow, you won’t remember any of this.

There will just be a faint memory of me saying something.

That is how it works.

They have allowed me just one thing that they will let you remember.

Just know that there will be times when you will be alone, walking down a street. Know that I will be there, walking with you. And that soft and gentle breeze you will feel, that would be me, trying to give you a hug.

Loving you from beyond,
Your bestie.



Image Source: pixabay.com


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