A Hollow Heart

There is something, something surreal that pollutes the aura around her. She can’t quite put her finger on it. As she lays down and stares at the ceiling fan, she feels shadows of gloom resting on her body. She battles to let go, but the moroseness is anchored deep inside. Though apparently, everything seems according to the clock. Out of the four walls, the identicals fulfill their mundane routine, walk robotically to a destination with avarice pumping through their bloodstream and have the same agendas under the mask of pretension.


Everything and everyone appear the same yet she’s not sure where to place herself. The motion of the ceiling fan irritates her so she decides to close her sight to it and supposedly to the world as well. A light of realization strikes her and she finds a lead to the predicament which renders her dejected.


The problem isn’t extrinsic but lies within. However, she wonders how she ended up here. So alone. So dismal. So empty. She feels her heart draining from every possible emotion as vacuum fills the space left behind. She hollers to her mind for an answer but receives grim silence instead. She has no choice but to wait. Alas! Time heals wounds and injuries but it cannot revive the hollow heart which once pulsated with exhilaration.


~ Bella Ahmed | Edited by Anwesha Tripathy



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