A Divine Intervention

It was another lazy and mundane afternoon for me as I adjusted my earplugs and increased the volume of the song. Skillet’s ‘Awake and Alive’ beats were taking the better of me with its powerful jazz and efficacious lyrics. While the music was reaching its crescendo, I somehow noted in the back of my mind that this song would be the last one in my sluggish schedule. Enough songs for the day, I had said to myself.


Minutes later, I got up from my bed to make my way to study. The very next day was my exam, and anticipating the fact that I had done almost null preparations for it, my head swirled and blocked repeatedly. Taking hold of my breaths and a stack of notebooks simultaneously, I decided to study for at least the next couple of hours that followed.


One hour passed, and I was still fidgeting with the pen I had in my hand, back and forth when something caught my notice. It was the twinkling light of my cell phone, indicated an unread text. Impatient the person that I am, I hurriedly took it up and checked.


“It is most wise of you, Awful Khushi, to rekindle the spark, which is often lost in the pursuit of carnal propensity, within you. Do not let your focus digress. No amount of cajolery, and no attempts at ethical or social seduction should eradicate from your heart a deep pathway that needs to be trodden. ~Dave.”


Awful Khushi was my username on one of the networking sites. The message appalled me as much as it could because there was nothing that I was able to make out of it. I did not know this person and at that moment, my concentration power was highly diluted with his text.


Without devouring any further second, I checked out his profile. The back of my spine chilled and I froze for a nanosecond. The profile picture, as far as I could decipher, it being black and white, was of Jesus being crucified but lying horizontally on some wooden structure. I wasn’t sure how and why was I getting some powerful vibes all around in my room. I shrugged it off. Then I checked his date of birth, and calculated his age. He was 60. This made me more astonished and baffled.


In haste, I began typing a message, “Hi Dave. Your message certainly left me dumbstruck. I tried gaining something out of it, but to no avail. Tell me what did you mean.” and pressed the Send button.


The briskly thoughts were making me only more agog. Although there seemed nothing unusual about it apparently, yet I had  a feeling that it was something uncommon. I’d always trusted my intuitions, and most often than not, they have turned out to be true. I checked my phone for the fourth time, and finally, it had the message reply.


“It’s a paradox where something which is characterized by inhibition is nevertheless revealed to the recipient. It underlines the measure of caution yet abandonment within the context of freedom of expression, if that makes sense? Risky business.” ~Dave

I was again bewildered at his powerful usage of words and deep faculty of its meaning. I read the message thrice in an attempt to understand, failing in which I asked about him. He told me that he had three degrees, held thousands of medals and currently was working in the field of forensic psychiatry.


That caught my vivid attention to him. I let out a deep sigh, closed my books and decided to talk to him for as long as I could.


“You are definitely someone to learn from. You see, I will be having my Topology exam tomorrow and I’m still struggling with the first chapter. I just wish I could do well.” I texted.


A few moments later, I heard the beep sound.


“I will pray for you right now. Please do not panic. Equilibrium is to be found in the stillness of your heart. As you maintain composure, do not underestimate what you have already learned. If you maintain a relaxed disposition (even I the face of fear), you will surpass those deeper and unbelieving self-imposed limitations that could keep you within the harness of self fulfilled prophecy mediocrity. You are beyond this, Awful Khushi. Please let me know how things go for you.” ~Dave


As I was expecting, he again managed to enthrall me with his authoritative words. I couldn’t help but smile because the message gave me immense relief and confidence out of nowhere. I realized that this was very much needed. I felt as if, he was a descended angel, sent especially for me.




I came back home, happily and contently after giving my exam. I couldn’t wait any longer to tell Dave about it. I was eager to let him know that he and his de facto words were solely the reason behind my euphoria.


I immediately logged in to my account and opened the inbox.


And to my utter disbelief, he wasn’t there. The person I had chatted with yesterday had no traces in my inbox. Not him. Not the exchanged messages, nothing!


I frantically searched up and down, but couldn’t find him. He was gone. How and where, I didn’t know.


Restlessness was getting over my nerves. I opened another tab and started searching for Dave Mathew, forensic psychiatrist, Canada.


What followed, took me by shock. One of the results showed his personal account on another site, with same detailing, same profile image. It had a post which summed up that he had died two years ago in trauma because his only son committed suicide due to his failure in an exam.


My head again blacked out and I could not think and believed what happened the day before. Was he really some mighty and supreme energy? Was it really a divine intervention? My words and thoughts put together, cannot answer this.


I would be finding the answers for this, for all my lifetime.


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