A Difference

It was a tough day at college planning for the arts celebration and being a social butterfly, I was expected everywhere. Smiling, I took out my phone to see it buzz to life with texts asking me about my whereabouts and informing me about the latest parties.


I quickened my pace when I saw a board with the word Loundry written on it with chalk, propped against a wall with peeling paint. I burst out laughing, did a self pout and took a selfie with it for the virtual world.


Within no time, I shared it on WhatsApp and Facebook with the hash tag, how hard is it to spell laundry? It became an instant joke and I could see the number of shares increasing. Grinning at the response, I walked past the shop.


While crossing it, I peeped inside the tiny shop and saw a small boy who couldn’t have been more than eight years old iron a mound of shorts. I felt a pang and wondered why the boy wasn’t in school.


A frail old lady who must have been the boy’s mother sat beside him in a worn down chair. She suddenly burst into a fit of violent cough and the boy rushed to her aid. He led her inside another tiny room inside the shop.


I couldn’t tear my eyes away from him and saw him come out of the shop and wipe the board with water and write CLOSED.


The lump in my throat was hard to swallow and my eyes welled up. I rooted through my purse for a bar of chocolate praying that he wouldn’t leave.


I gave it to the boy and was rewarded with a smile that spoke more than the exhaustion in his face, I couldn’t help but hug him with the thought that I would not judge in haste anymore.


The virtual world lay silent in her pocket. Her heart was finally in the right place.



Image source: pixabay.com



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