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Of Shakespeare and Fingers

His fingers looked like they could weave stardust out of empty space. They were the first thing she noticed about him from the other end of the quaint little bookshop,

In Sync

Kids and supermarkets are not a good combination. I make a quick mental note to shift grocery duties to my dear husband’s chores as I watch our offspring leap around

The Absurdities of Humanness

Even after all these tumultuous years on the planet, what never fails to amaze me is how we humans hopscotch our way through life, one tumble at a time, all

Are You Having A Bad Day?

Hi, sweetheart. Are you having a bad day?   Do you feel like your swollen insides have suddenly become too darn heavy for just you to carry around and all

The Happy Birthday

Let’s all take a moment and talk about birthdays, shall we?   Have you ever paused while stuffing yourself with cake and thought about just how tremendously humbling birthdays are?  

That Spark

How hard could it be to find a stupid bottle of sleeping pills?   Pretty darn hard, as I was discovering that night, rummaging through the messy store-cupboard.   I’d

A Letter To The Survivor

Hey you, Happy New Year! I bet you’re shaking your head and wondering what’s so happy about the clock striking twelve and this bright blue planet of ours completing yet

Smiling (Sometimes)

There, do you see her?   Smiling.   Eyes like molten amber   frozen in time and tragedy.   You’d never guess, would you?   That beneath the papery pretense

The Loser

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That Elusive Vixen

I wonder what it is about sadness   that makes us fall so hopelessly in love with it   or at least the idea of it.   Is it the

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