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From the first shy introduction to the late night talks, I miss them all.

A Romance with the Rain

“Rani! Shut the window,” she shouted out to the maid for the second time.   The window panes were rattling loudly because of the stormy winds. Irritated with the noise

Breaking Free

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Trembling with fear, she picked up her phone and called him up. “Harsh, can you please come to my place?” “Now? It’s 3 a.m., Riya”. “Please come over. I am

Last Wish

I want to die. You might think I’m a coward in thinking so, for death cannot be the solution to anything. Wishing for death or killing yourself is just an

First Kiss

“Firsts are always special,” they say and I cannot agree more. From the first time I saw you to the first time I held your hand, all have been special


Hands firmly on her waist, she went around supervising the final preparations. Weeks of planning were finally about to materialise. It was going to be a big day for them

Say Cheese

I looked at the mirror before leaving the dressing room for today’s flight. It was a routine that I followed for every day of duty.  Being an air-hostess, I have

Roses and Bruises

The room smelled of rose petals that beautifully decorated it. She had always loved roses. She fiddled with her bangles, as she sat there waiting for him. Being an arranged marriage,


“Jhumki, why are you running away? Come here.” Sunita caught hold of her hand and made her sit on the ground of their little shanty. She sat behind her and

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