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Dear Mom, Please Kill me in Your Womb

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Goodbye, my lover

This is not a goodbye. It’s, in fact, my worst bye till date. Because, I still can’t live without you. But, I can’t live with

Don’t Let Him Get Away

You could hear his filthy thoughts even from a distance as he stared at you with lust in his eyes. You felt his bad intentions

Don’t Fall in Love with Me

Do not fall in love with me. I’m not the girl you can ever live happily ever after with. I’m only good for a night.

Embracing My Roots

~ Admin Diaries ~   A crowded chawl settlement. Narrow lanes. So narrow that not more than a man could walk through them at a

A Letter to a Daughter

The colour of your skin in which you’re wrapped in doesn’t matter, what matters is the gift inside you.

Why I Believe That Rape Laws Must Be Made Gender-Neutral

Every rape victim feels pain as the other victim, if not less or more, irrespective of whether it’s a man or a woman.

Can You Love Again?

I’m on a date. Not with the man I love. I’ve loved once & probably never will again. From what I’ve learnt about you from

Is He Letching At You?

The girl walked sensuously on the road, swaying her hips a little too explicitly for the modesty of the passersby. She 6+wore a skin-hugging top

Breaking Up

Closure is underrated. You would never know how excruciating it was for me to keep searching for the answers that took away what we had.