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A Letter To Hannah Baker From ‘13 Reasons Why’

Dear Hannah,   I know it doesn’t make any sense to write a letter to a dead person. But then, you have left tapes to people after killing yourself, so

An ode to women’s bodies

We are the creators, the nurturers, and the destroyers. We are uncontainable, untamable, and unbreakable. We are the beautiful, the ugly, the gracious, the ferocious, and everything in between and

Date A Girl Who is Broken

Date a girl who is broken. She’s the reclusive girl with a faraway look in her eyes, lost in thoughts & anxieties. She will tell you that she’s all right

Remind Me How To Live Again

I was meeting her after a long time. She hadn’t changed a bit though. I couldn’t remember why I had stopped talking to her. “I am sorry, Ruhi,” I said

Of Childhood Ventures and Adventures

I was on my way to college that day, when I saw a couple of kids sitting on the pavement outside the railway station. They had a crumpled newspaper spread

The End

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The Best Things In Life

<script async src=”//“></script> <!– taw-responsive –> <ins class=”adsbygoogle”      style=”display:block”      data-ad-client=”ca-pub-3446446293618986″      data-ad-slot=”1428227755“      data-ad-format=”auto”></ins> <script> (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); </script> It was 12

The Story of a Fighter

This is the story of a fighter. The story of a girl.   Life had ridiculed her, tested her patience, punished her for no fault of hers & tormented her

I Miss You

I still pick up flowers fallen on the ground & hold them delicately, watching them wilt slowly in the palm of my hand. Watching them enjoy their beauty for one

Goodbye, my lover

This is not a goodbye. It’s, in fact, my worst bye till date. Because, I still can’t live without you. But, I can’t live with you either.   I was

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