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Part 2 – The Day We Came Together

(Read Part One – The Day We Came Together here)   The words hung about, reluctant and shapeless, floating in the air that smelled of the bygone years when we first set eyes upon each other’s: young, restless souls, then; scarred, wiser, now; but just as foolish and in love. The remnant pain of old memories divulged away somewhere in between the letters of yesterday’s sorrow and the warmth of your

My Final Masterpiece

I have you here tonight, on my canvas, lying bare and stark, as you let me put the colours onto your body in a reckless need for your entirety. I can see your nakedness, the brutality of your form, and I remember how it was to love you. I remember how your lips drew close to mine and how we shared the same breath; how finally, your boldness struck me

I’m Fine

“How are you?”   I hear your voice ripping through my brain tissues, bouncing against my ribs and my lungs and my eyes, and it feels like thunderstorms inside a house.   Do you really want to know how I am? Well, I’m a mess. Yes, a wondrously melancholic, wretched, soul-sucked, diabetic mess, with hardly an inch of sunlight on my face, and an ache in my gut the size

The Lost Son

His name was Karna. Karna, the abandoned. The bearer of wrongs, the silent prince. Majestic in his dreadful form, like the flight of the falcon. His despair was complete. His rage, like a muffled cry into the darkness. The Sun God shone his blessings on his smooth body, spotless and barren of any scars or wounds that marked the weakness of his form. It was the day before the Great