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This used to be my playground

I always knew the playground had a lot of lessons to teach.   As a mother supervising the children play, I noticed how kids learn early how to negotiate. One

It’s February Again

While walking back home from work, I saw a teenager walking with his mom, his arm around her shoulder. That one image brought back a surge of memories.   Mom

Failure: Doomsday or a stepping stone

 The human race has been conditioned to fear failure.   When I was in the fifth standard, I didn’t clear that term’s first unit test and in order to pass

A Note from the Teacher

Today I received a note from my son’s teacher asking me to meet her after his class. I have met her before and I know my son has his struggles


Today as I looked at my phone, your eyes smiled back at me. You see, I passed your house today and I was tired and the traffic jam just outside

From the Diary of a Celebrity Wife

Hope is a funny thing, isn’t it?   I know we have passed the stage where we need to proclaim our love to the world. The world has seen enough

The Last Farmer

“One of us has to die,” said Shom, his eyes looking down into the barren soil.   The three of them had gathered near the old banyan tree of their