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The Dollhouse

It began in the old village of Matera which rests on the bank of the wild, when on her seventh birthday, Msanii begged her mother for a doll house.

One Wild Night

As thy skies unpeel the morning lights on her, I see her stripped elegance masked by the morning dew which so elegantly cups her golden-silvery innocence, but I’ve seen the

Suffer, Oh Mistress!

You melt like vanilla in the essence of the half burnt fireflies breathing into your bare skin. You repel the nineteenth second, for it marks the end of the spiritual

The Perfect Love Story

The Husband’s Diary:   September 2012:   Hello Diary,   I need you, today. I am desperate, I guess.   Like always, I took the eastern subway after work. The

She Stuns

She was elevated to the grandest of the thrones and the pious royal would sin for her forgiveness. Her skin, like radium, masked the scented shade of elegance. She was

The Other Side

In such darkness, let there be peace and nobility; none the same without peace, is life.   Drenched it is in such purity that all men must die with honour

The Bloody Lake

“A story, mother, I desire. I wish to dream tonight.” murmured her five-year-old, shrouded in the cocoon of a Pashmina blanket, yet to be stained by horrors which dare not

The Woman with Many Faces

She would sing by the yellow lake, carving stories on the ever-changing canvas of the wet sand. She would mesmerize those who were fortunate enough to make her acquaintance. To

The Woman Who Would Be a Goddess

It was a fine summer evening, with the usual touch of ignorance and the promise of an approaching winter that would take the moist breeze and along with it, the

The Black Barbie

“Her skin was like the moonless nights. Probably because she was conceived to them. Her heart was darker. They worshipped her but she would rather have them beg and suffer