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March 04, 2015:   As the first rays of the sun shone down the window-glass, I hastily sat up in my chair, wondering why I had fallen asleep at the

Do I Belong Here?

Sitting silently in the car on an especially daunting Monday morning in the unconquerable traffic, I suddenly noticed the aroma of coffee drifting towards me. It was both – surprising

I Met Her in a Book of Poems

I discovered an old photograph, lodged in the congealed folds of a forgotten book of poetry in a warm bookstore; sepia’d from decades of being unlooked at, hidden, and scalded

The Birth of Silence

This is about a time when Silence did not exist. Humans did not know that they could stop talking, and chaos was the norm. If a person stayed silent for

I Knew, Did You?

I knew I would love you before I knew you: you, with your tired brown eyes and your nondescript mouth; you, with all your meek kindness and invisibility; you, with

Body Positive

“Your body is a temple,” a cousin once told me, after he had spit out the paan he had been chewing, on a nearby wall – the wall of a

Sunsets and Fingerprints

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Colors, Words and Stories

Scarlet, orange, yellow, sepia, I try to define how I feel with colors. Fiery, slightly smothered, alien, then nostalgic; The brush feels ginger, warm, welcoming under my fingertips- In a

Nine Words

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Your Best Memory

Remember me in the creases of your grey cotton shirt as you fold it back and return it to the top right corner of your cupboard, where it feels at