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The Lightest Shade Of Blue

My lovely daughter came forward and held my hand to take me to the front of the church. At fifty, I was fit enough to walk but I was scared

Snip And Snap

It was just six which had always been an unearthly hour of the morning for twenty-one-year-old me. But I just couldn’t sleep.   I kept running my fingers through my

Foodie At Heart

Glistening orange jalebis were picked up, crockery dusted and sari pleated.   Everyone was waiting anxiously for his arrival for the ‘Bride Viewing’ ceremony. Then why couldn’t I just be

Come Back

I wrote to you like a dutiful child. The white of the paper covered with news about the hen peck on my leg, the new kittens and squiggles that felt

Two Sides

She was too tall for her liking, always pushed back in lines and left at the farthest corner in photographs with fate making the choice, if she would make it

Not Just One Life

Curled up in an Enid Blyton’s book, she didn’t hear her mother’s call for lunch. She was busy eating cupcakes in a flying cottage.   A pinch on her arm

Perennial Happiness

“No, I don’t regret it. She has been the light of my life, the apple of my eye and my support through all these years.”   I smiled at the

Fleeting Colours of Life

My face conveyed what I felt when I looked at him with pleading eyes. He looked back at me with a straight face and said, “I’ll do what I can.


She was ridiculed once again. Pointed glances of aunties bore into her navel that she had shown off under the translucence of her net saree. She could almost hear the

How Far Can You Be?

Remember when I was sick and you stayed up all night taking care of me?   Remember when we held hands and strolled down the length of a beautiful park

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