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“Ambre, my baby, thank God you are safe! I searched for you almost everywhere- Natalia’s place, Jack’s place, Ira’s and Greg’s as well, in the garden, by the lakeside, on

Magic of Joy

“Hi!” I hailed.   I never approach strangers, but his eyes which spoke of happiness and hope, compelled me to.   His eyes, I tell you, were divine. If not,

I Am Fine

“I am fine!” you say.   But I’ve tasted these words, sung in exactly the same tone, a bit too well. This term with this tone isn’t really a fine


Sadaf, my eleven-year-old daughter, was to get a prize in her school today. Sensing the hostility I would gain from her pals, which I eventually did, I was reluctant to

Uncool, eh?

The much anticipated college trip had finally arrived.   “Goa and more Goa,” flaunted the pamphlet, making me and my friends go gaga over it.   Just when we were

Wishes Do Come True

“Ambre. Off to bed, princess!” her polite mother whispers, caressing her hair.   “But you haven’t yet narrated me a story, mommy!” lying on the windowsill, half-asleep, she slurs her




Lying on the crisp white mattress, surrounded by my kith and kin, I curse myself for presenting almost no gestures of appreciation to the one without whom I shall have

Follow Your Dreams

She was filled with a desire that her heart was afraid to give a name to. She fought battles inside her to enshroud it, for every time that she talked

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